Monday, 28 May 2012

Fading Suns 3 Pirated

As I am sure many people are now aware, the Fading Suns 3 beta playtest edition has been released on to various torrent sites. I only became aware of this two days ago, but I understand it has been in the public sphere for about a week now. I myself downloaded a copy form the Pirate Bay yesterday just to be sure of which version of the game it was that had been released.

I have to admit that I have very mixed feelings about seeing my work made available in this fashion. Not least because this is an old copy of the rules, almost 16 months out of date, and a great deal of work had gone into polishing the rules since then. I really don't want the fans to see something that is not complete, to make judgements about what FS3 should have been based on a very old document.

In the weeks since my departure from RedBrick LLC, I have been working quietly behind the scenes talking to HDi and other parties trying to get to a point where I would be legally permitted to release FS3 Players Guide and GMs Guide, and to do so free of charge as a fan project. For their part HDi had been very receptive to the idea, but are still deliberating. I fear that this unauthorised release may prejudice their decision making, and make it impossible to release the current versions of both books.

I was going to be making an announcement in the next few weeks concerning another project that I am currently working. In light of the FS3's unauthorised release I think that it is time I should share some of my plans.

About this time last year, I asked James for permission to conduct an open playtest of the FS3 game mechanics. I was told in no uncertain terms that that would not be happening. I admit I was disappointed with that decision. However, now that I am no longer with RedBrick LLC I am free to do as I like. After talking things over with my friends at Vagrant Workshop I am in the process of redeveloping what was the FS3 game mechanics, in to that I am now calling the "Infinity Engine."

This is not simply going through the existing document and removing all traces of HDi's intellectual property. This is an opportunity for to push the game mechanics on a level, and to have it playtested in a public forum. Vagrant Workshop will hosting the files and providing an area in their online forums for people provide feedback.

There is a lot of work to do in preparing a playtest document. The mechanics need to be written, character generation needs to be functional, and there needs to be a sample background, and adventure to play through. So it may take me a while get this all organised, its a work in progress.