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Interstellar Dispatches 15

Originally posted by Town Criers Guild on July 30, 2008
Featured articles in this issue:

  • Slaves Declare Independence
  • Devout Searches for Chosen One
  • Oceanographic Survey makes Waves
  • Memories of Sir Percival Blake Hawkwood
  • Agora Notices

Slaves Declare Independence
PANDEMONIUM – The Hub – The Muster has been embarrassed and many wealthy patrons inconvenienced by the cancellation of this weeks ‘Fleshdevil’ slave auction in the Hub. A revolt in the Drim River Internment Camp has left Muster bosses unable to sell their normal quotas or fulfill the labor requirement for numerous constructions works.

The Fleshdevil has taken on a celebratory atmosphere in recent years and for the Muster not to deliver was tantamount to incitement of the riot that followed. Aggrieved businesspeople have lodged formal complaints with the Guild, and the Reeves have served a writ for damages as a result of the civil disorder.

Furthermore, the Town Criers’ Guild has learned that the Drim River Camp is currently under siege from Muster troops and firmly under the control of its inmates. The Muster has made no attempt to re-enter the camp; instead they have secured a perimeter and subdued any slaves that attempted to escape.

Sergeant Tyler Barksdale described for us the events leading up to the revolt, “The camps are overcrowded and there have been delays in the processing of many new arrivals. But this camp is unusual in that we have a great many families housed here. In line with the policy of our camps, there is a strict segregation of gender. This has lead to families being split apart. Though, some of these families will be reunited and auctioned as serfs destined for repatriation into the Gilgar-sponsored plantations in Forsook.”

Using a squawker, our reporter established contact with the rebellious slaves for a short time before the Muster discovered the transmission and jammed it. The besieged slaves have established their own democratic state and morale is running high. The segregating fences that ran between the male and female sections of the camp have been torn down and families reunited.

The voice on the squawker was a former serf, Tuk Vurman from Delphi, “My family was sold into slavery to pay ma’ lord’s debts. All we had was each other an’ here we not even hav’ that. What more is there to lose?”

We approached Bishop Sergei Graf for a comment concerning the Muster’s treatment of prisoners, which he immediately condemned. However, when we pressed him for information concerning the use of those same slaves in the construction work of the Badlands Cathedral, he terminated the interview.

Devout Searches for Chosen One
MIDIAN – Saiwuhun – The arrival of Deacon Arran de Vor of the Eskatonic Order went unremarked three months ago, but news of his mission have begun to circulate. The holy man has been traveling with a small retinue visiting the smallest villages in rural Midian, preaching to those who would listen to his words. His presence has caused some consternation among the predominantly Orthodox ministries of the garden world.

The Deacon is a deeply spiritual man, not the aloof sorcerer one expects based on the sermons of his Orthodox hosts. In a soft voice he claims to have received a vision form the Empyrean guiding him to Midian to search out a child that he believes will be a future Patriarch.

As the author of the manuscript called the ‘De Vor Predictions’, Deacon de Vor is no stranger to controversy, as he has spent two decades in cloister recording his own premonitions and prognostications. He claims to have predicted the ascendancy of the Hawk over the Mantis, and the rise of Emperor Alexius. With over five thousand predictive verses recorded in the most cryptic symbolism, it is difficult to find clarity and coherent interpretation of his writing.

Nevertheless, Deacon de Vor is quietly insistent that his vision will prove true and that his mission is not only to find the child that will one day lead the Universal Church, but also to provide the proper spiritual education and encouragement for the chosen one.

Oceanographic Survey makes Waves
MADOC – Cape City – Engineers in the employ of the Academy Interatta have become the centre of a controversy on Madoc. The scientists and engineers were testing their latest invention for conducting deep oceanographic surveys. The think machine-guided bathysphere is capable of descending in to the deepest areas of the oceans to chart the ocean floor.

Initial tests of the device in the shallower coastal waters brought protests from the indigenous Oro’ym claiming that the Guild was attempting to spy on them and their cultural sites. Despite protests, the initial tests were successfully completed and the team has moved into deeper water, both literally and politically.

Deploying the oceanography device in the deepest part of Madoc’s ocean at the great trench called the ‘Dagan Scar’, the machine returned with a wealth of data―detailed high resolution sonar maps of the seabed within the formation. The Merchant League was again the address of bitter complaints from the Oro’ym elders.

Entered Sulovan Dross from the Madoc Oceanographic Project Team gave us this statement, “We really don’t understand the problem. The Oro’ym objected to our tests close to their cities and cultural sites. So we moved our test site and used the deepest area of Madoc’s oceans, the Dagan Scar. The trench is far deeper that the Oro’ym body can sustain. They cannot possibly have any cultural sanctuaries in the area of our tests.”

When queried about the survey results, Entered Dross said, “That’s the interesting thing, we are still analyzing the results and drawing up the maps based on the data, but we think that there is something down there. A regular repeating pattern of geometric sonar returns, it is highly unlikely that these are being reflected by naturally occurring rock formations. I believe we are looking at some kind of construction.”

This issue we return to our Memories feature wherein various personalities from across the Phoenix Empire share their thoughts with our dedicated readership. This month we interviewed Sir Percival Blake Hawkwood, recently returned from his mission to the lost world of Twilight.

“It is jolly nice to be back in the Known Worlds again. Each adventure is an exhilaration, but it is the homecoming that makes traveling worth the hardship. In my recent endeavor my cadre and I traveled to the barbarian world of Twilight to see first hand the godless regime that seeks to supplant that world’s rightful nobility and bring chaos and disorder to all the peoples of that benighted world.”

“Twilight is only a single jump beyond Ravenna but it is a place in turmoil and strife following a great war in which the most destructive weapons have been used against the rightful heirs of that world, House Heidgard. Splinted long ago when Twilight closed its jumpgate, the Lords of Heidgard still bear a Hawkwood crest upon their livery, a sign of our ancient union.”

“Our cohort spent several weeks living among the Heidgard in their underground tunnels. The environment is so ruined by the terrible weapons used that no cities above ground yet remain. During that time we had several engagements with the Reval anarchists, who would come in a wave assault running screaming while firing wildly. My friend and guildsman cohort Chorry was hit in the throat and later died from his wounds; his sacrifice saved the rest of us.”

“We received warning that the Reval had discovered our landing site only minutes before the strike arrived. As we lifted away from the icy world and made for space, Reval ships fired upon us from orbit. We had not intended to cut our visit so short but were in real danger of being unable to return and report back our findings.”

“Of all the Barbarians I have encountered I find these Reval the most disturbing. At least the Vuldrok and Kurga understand their need to put faith in their gods, even if that belief is false. But these Reval believe in nothing except their own dictator. They do not keep a good social order, with no nobility to lead, or serfs to tend the fields, they known nothing but the chaos of war. I pray that our brothers on Twilight receive the aid they need to ensure victory.”

--Sir Percival Blake Hawkwood, Order of the Phoenix

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