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Interstellar Dispatches 20

Originally posted by Town Crier's Guild on December 30, 2008
Featured articles in this issue:

  • Lux Splendor Mass at St. Maya’s
  • Kurgan Spy Seized
  • Jumpweb not Flat!
  • Sir Doyle Lexford Cameton
  • Agora Notices

Lux Splendor Mass at St. Maya’s
BYZANTIUM SECUNDUS--Holy City--Led by Archbishop Palamon, this year’s Lux Splendor Mass was surely a more upbeat affair than it has been in previous years. Acolytes, decked in their white or red cowls, representing the twin ideologies of the Orthodox faith, walked in procession through the streets of the Holy City. Each carried a lantern to light the way for the faithful and reflect the light of the Pancreator in the hearts of all people.

The Archbishop’s address was broadcast by squawker so that those all across the face of the Throne World and beyond in the dark depths of the void might hear the message on that special day.

Speaking from the raised dais of the great cathedral, the Archbishop called upon all humanity to heed the call of the Pancreator and recognize the truth and wisdom of the divine reflection. He reminded them to put aside petty disputes and know the harmony that can only flow from the Pancreator’s blessings.

After the address, the Archbishop instructed all present to raise a light and be guided by his prayer;

Oh All Creator, Celestial Sun, Source of all Radiance, we set aside this day to unite ourselves with Thy Light as the Prophet Zebulon had during his lifetime.

So united was He to Thy Lumination that His death shone forth and sanctified the roads in the Heavens, which by means of Thy Grace Thou provided for us to quest onward and fulfill Thy Divine purpose for us without fear of the darkness that lies beyond, without fear of the unknown.

Oh Sanctifying Splendor, Thy light shines forth infinitely, reflecting itself upon all creation. Each and every soul Thou hast created for Thine own glory, that they may be a reflection of Thee and that Thy light may shine forth from them all to each and each-other and then back to Thee, as if all of creation were a great crystal by which Light would shine forth within and without unending, pushing out all darkness. May we shine as stars, like the saints of old, for all eternity in the Empyrean with Thee.

Let us remember the sacrifice of the Prophet Zebulon, whose tragic death by the hands of the treacherous and demonic Vau became a holy sacrifice by which humanity is still blessed to this day. Let us mourn his death but also rejoice in his life, his teachings, and the Grace that was worked through him, both in life and death. If ever there was a True Son of Thee, Creator of all, then Zebulon was surely He.

Lux Splendor

Kurgan Spy Seized
VERA CRUZ--Los Aztecha--Sir Hernan Salvador Justus de Aragon confirmed today that a Kurgan spy was seized on the outskirts of the Quetz district yesterday. A mysterious street preacher had been giving impromptu sermons, railing against the injustices of the Orthodox faith and the war on Hira.
"At first we thought he was an Incarnate and we let the Inquisition look for him, but then there was that clash last week. The Inquisitors were driven back by the preacher's bodyguards, some of whom demonstrated heretical powers. Inquisitor Balis called on our house to provide assistance, which we were happy to grant,” said Sir Hernan.

"When we finally closed in on the heretic, I could actually hear him trying to preach that only through the Caliph could anyone know the Pancreator. I knew at that moment that he was a Kurgan spy."

Sir Hernan offered no comments on the number of Hazat and Church casualties in yesterday’s apprehension, and angrily denied rumors that the spy's bodyguards were former Hazat dervishes. Sources in the palace indicated that over a dozen house troops died during the arrest. Church sources declined comment, indicating only that the investigation was ongoing.

Jumpweb not Flat!
BYZANTIUM SECUNDUS--Imperial City--A Hazat knight, notorious for his louche and swashbuckling ways, has caused yet another controversy by claiming that he is in possession of evidence that proves that the jumpweb is not flat but positioned upon the surface of a metaphysical sphere. Sir Gaspar Antonio de Hira made the astounding claim while in attendance at a pre-Lux Splendor function, hosted by al-Malik ambassador, Countess Eshan Ishmael al-Malik.

Upon hearing his remarks, the countess engaged Sir Gaspar in open conversation concerning his assertions. To which, deep in his cup, the young knight loudly proclaimed that not only did he know that the assertion was a fact, but that he would prove to everyone assembled that he was correct. Bemused by his arrogance, the Countess Eshan then vested the Hazat scion with an undertaking to circumnavigate the jumpweb and return in all haste with the documentary proof of his journey.
Despite several attempts by his friends and accomplices to silence the youth, he managed to accept the challenge, if the countess would bestow a kiss upon him. She agreed, but countered that such a reward was for the success of his venture and not a precursor to it.

We were able to obtain a brief interview with Sir Gaspar as his hastily assembled expedition loaded supplies aboard his ship, the Soloman Dawn.

“I aim to prove that in fact the jumpweb is not a flat web as has been depicted for centuries in our navigational charts but is a globular network of interconnecting jumproads placed strategically as though drawn onto the surface of a ball.” Sir Gaspar went on to elaborate, “This is the sort of thing that guilds don’t want you to know about and that the Church considers heretical. I could make my circumnavigation only to discover that I have been excommunicated for my endeavor.”

We approached representatives from the Charioteers Guild and the Orthodox Church for comment on Sir Gaspar’s intentions.

Captain Erica Shanhom seemed to be amused by Sir Gaspar’s antics, “Flat web or globular net, what difference does it make? The Second Republic was said to have been 1,000 jumps across. Since the Fall, large parts of the jumpweb have been closed off, and then there is the small problem of jumpkeys. That boy might be off on some grand adventure right now, but he’ll be back with his tail between his legs in a month or two when he gets stuck at the next jumpgate.”

Bishop Morton Keller seemed equally skeptical, “I have never heard such nonsense! And why he believes that he might be excommunicated for his endeavor is beyond me. The Omega Gospels makes no claim as to the form of the jumpweb. This young man is simply trying to court controversy.”

Sir Doyle Lexford Cameton makes a swift return to our pages to comment upon the annual Lux Splendor Honors to be bestowed by this Imperial Majesty in celebration of yet another year of the Phoenix ascendant.

"As all are no doubt aware, the annual Lux Spendor Honors are an opportunity for His Majesty to bestow favor and title upon those who have advanced the interests of the Phoenix Throne over the past year. As always, there has been considerable speculation about who is to be found upon this year’s roll of honors and who has been forgotten or is duly ignored.

"The buzz in the Imperial Court has been growing in intensity for the past several months as noble sophisticates and lackeys attempt to demonstrate their invaluable contribution to the workings of the Empire in the hope that our liege will be blind or stupid enough to notice them in the scramble for power and recognition.

"Baroness Melena Karlov Decados is a favorite to be honored for her diplomatic efforts representing the interests of the throne to the barbarians of the Vuldrok worlds. If speculation is correct, she will be awarded the Diplomatic Service Cross and granted an estate on Byzantium Secundus.

"Some suggest that this rumor has lead to a chilling of relations between the baroness and the Duchess Salandra. It would seem prudent not to catch the Emperor’s eye if you are a beautiful and talented lady and just a glance will bring a jealous reprisal, possibly backed by cold ceramsteel in the middle of the night.

"Somewhat less fortunate than Lady Karlov is Count Thomas John Hawkwood, who after the debacle with the Vau ambassador last month is rumored to be exchanging his comfortable estate on Ravenna for a larger, if more remote estate on Nowhere. It certainly pays not to be noticed when you prove incompetent in the eyes of His Majesty.

"The elderly bureaucrat Leyland Garnet, who celebrated his 75th birthday earlier this year, is hotly tipped to receive a non-hereditary title and lands for his fifty-five years of service. More than a few wry jokes have circulated the court concerning the possible location of Garnet’s retirement; Ravenna perhaps?

"Most interesting are said to be the inclusion this year of a few ‘common’ honors. If the courtly gossip is to be believed, then we will see the knighting of freeman Lucan Marek who through deed of action foiled a plot to assassinate the Emperor earlier in the year. Since then he has been honored with a position of responsibility within the Emperor’s household. If this tip is indeed true then there is bound to be scandal and disappointment from some quarters.

"These reward certain guild and freeman elements who have attracted the Emperor’s gratitude. Depending on whom one speaks with in the court, various guild leaders and captains of industry are to be rewarded with non-hereditary titles, lands or lucrative contracts or tax privileges. But one that stands out above and beyond all others, and this information came from a very reputable source, is the honoring of the surviving members of the 2nd Stigmatan Penal Brigade for their spirited defense of Slyvar Bay township. It is believed all surviving soldiers of the brigade will be granted pardons for their crimes and elevated to the status of freemen. Their present level of service will be counted towards the normal 20-year term, making at least one of their number eligible for retirement from service in as little as two years, with the corresponding parcel of land in the proximity of Shurgar Station.

"Until next time…
Sir Doyle Lexford Cameton

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