Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Custom Known Worlds Maps

Custom Known Worlds Maps
Due in part to the Facebook fiasco, I have decided to create the quick and dirty tutorial on how to redraw the Known Worlds Jumpmap your way.

1. Open Adobe Illustrator CS6 (or another program that can open .ai files). You can download a trial version from Adobe's own website.

2. Download the FS Map.ai file.

3. Open the FS Map.ai file with Illustrator.

4. Use the Direct Selection Tool (A is the keyboard shortcut) to pick up the world you want to move and place it where you want it. The lines that represent the jumproads will redraw to keep the worlds linked. Though once you have moved your worlds about you may wish to tweak the joining points of the jumproads to the world circles.

5. Once you have everything where you want it. You can then overlay pretty graphics directly in Illustrator and drop in a nice background or you can export the diagram to Adobe Photoshop and draw over the top of it.

You can also add or delete worlds / jumproads as you see fit. 

Now you have your very own custom Known Worlds Jumpmap... simple, easy and likely took you less that 30 minutes. 

Monday, 18 November 2013

Credit where Credit is due

Fading Suns 3, Known Worlds Jumpmap (Revised and Corrected)
In recent days there has been something of an explosion on the Facebook Fading Suns page. This post is intended to put right any perceived wrongs.

As you may note on my first post concerning the reworking of the Fading Suns Jumpweb and I will quote if you cannot be bothered to follow the link:

The final version of the Fading Suns 3 jumpmap was designed by Simon Powell, and a brilliant job he did on it too. However this is the version I created while we were were trying to reorganise it to place Byzantium Secundus at the centre of the map and at the heart of the Known Worlds. So this is a rough of the final version.

Now I felt that that was very clear. I named Simon Powell as the creator of the final version and use the word 'I' to refer to my graphic (above) and 'we' to reference the work that Simon and I did together to plot the new positions of the worlds to make the new map work.

I am sorry if I some how implied that Simon had no part in this work. As I read it, we (Simon and I) created the map positions together as a joint work and for which we both share credit. But that I am responsible for the graphic above which is based on said work, as is his 'final' version that was supposed to be used in the FS3 publication.

I don't think that I have said anything misleading, but in case I have, I trust that this statement sets the record, and Simon's part in this straight.